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Eric Cobb, HIS

Eric Cobb, HIS, has a lifetime of experience with hearing loss, and 25 years in the Hearing Healthcare Industry. As a child, Eric befriended a boy from his hometown who was deaf. He saw the problems that the boy had because of his inability to communicate effectively and took it upon himself to learn sign language so that he could help the young man be more a part of what was going on in his little hometown. “I remember watching him try to communicate with others, and the frustration that he suffered because he always felt left out. Being a tender-hearted kid, that really got to me. We went on to become best friends. Little did I know that the experience with my friend, Kevin, learning sign language, and seeing the problems hearing loss causes, would prepare me for having my own children who were born with severe hearing loss.”

Later in life, Eric married a woman who just so happened to carry the same recessive gene that causes hearing loss. They have 5 sons, 3 of which were born with severe hearing loss. Eric’s professional experience started in 1995 when he first became licensed to dispense hearing aids in Florida. He then went on to become a representative for one of the biggest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, Starkey Hearing Technologies. Over the course of his time there Eric taught hundreds of people better ways to fit hearing aids, and counsel those with hearing loss on how to get the most from the hearing aids and become more a part of their lives through better hearing.

He has since owned offices, and managed practices for several different companies. Eric likes to say: “I make my living making the lives of others better through the gift of better hearing.” Eric is a truly consummate professional with all the compassion, knowledge, and experience to help patients get the most out of their hearing aids, and get more out of life through better hearing.

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