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Comply Soft Wrap

If you wear hearing aids, you have likely experienced feedback or whistling from your hearing aids.  Feedback (also known as whistling, ringing, squealing or squelching) can occur anytime something gets too close to your hearing aid such as when getting a hug or answering the phone. Comply Soft Wraps can solve this issue.  Comply Wraps also fix the fit of loose hearing aids.
  • Comply Soft Wraps put an end to annoying feedback from hearing aids.  
  • Instantly improves the fit which eliminates feedback for custom earmolds, ITEs and CICs.
  • Each Comply SoftWrap is a 42mm long high tech, slow recovery, temperature activated foam with adhesive backing.
  • Comply SoftWraps control feedback, increases comfort and assist with retention of your custom hearing aids and earmolds.
  • Each wrap lasts approximately one week.
  • There are 10 soft wraps in each package.

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